Centre point of collboration

Providing service for wiver member, workforce with nodle angecy for collecitve growth

Yarn Bank

Yarn Testing and calibration

Nodle Agency to resolve issue

Liaison to facilitate for memeber and government and other nodle agency

Training and Learning

Technology upgrade, Expo for new Machine and Technology

Community Service

Medical check up, Blood Donation, Utility bill collection.
corona vacination and testing. ADHAR /KYC update


Provide a democratic and participatory business model that is owned and controlled by its members. Address a specific need or problem within a community, such as access to affordable goods and services, or the need to increase income or economic opportunities. Overall, our societies play an important role in promoting economic and social development, and in empowering individuals and communities to work together to achieve their goals.

What You Get

Our societies also offer a range of benefits to our members, such as access to cheaper goods and services, shared resources and expertise, and the ability to pool resources to achieve common goals. one can also help to promote economic development and reduce poverty in communities, by providing opportunities for entrepreneurship and self-employment.